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Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Equipment Maintenance

All buildings undoubtedly require Fire Extinguishers and below we hope to offer you simple information to help you become more informed about the types, the amount and where you need extinguishers and also how often they require inspection and maintenance. Below are the most common questions asked and hopefully informative answers.

How many extinguishers do I need and which types?

All commercial premises require a minimum of 2 extinguishers per floor but also in addition they’re requirements for the types of risks on sites, the area required to cover and layout of a building. Having the wrong type of extinguisher in the wrong area is much more dangerous than having no extinguishers at all, this is why we offer FREE advice and FREE site visits and surveys.

How often do I require an Extinguisher Inspection?

All fire extinguishers must be serviced and maintained once a year, an annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection includes all seals replaced, the valve and trigger mechanism is thoroughly inspected and lubricated, the hose or horn is removed and checked for blockages, abrasions, perforations and fatigue.

The Extinguisher must be weighed and if applicable it’s pressure gauge properly tested and an inspection marker placed on it. The taper seal must be replaced once the pull pin has been removed, inspected, lubricated and replaced.

Once all the work is carried out the inspection label must be correctly completed.

At AMP Fire we complete all this at a flat rate so its simple an easy to work out your costs, there’s no hidden charges for any of the parts of spares used in performing this service.

How much is does it cost?

Please feel free to leave your details via our contact form and we will arrange for an engineer to contact you as soon as possible.

All staff at AMP Fire Service and Repair all equipment in accordance with BSI British Standard BS 5306-8 & BS 5306-3. In addition, all new equipment is manufactured to British Standard BS EN3 and is stamped with the CE standard mark.

Here are some useful links to government sites regarding UK Fire Regulations.


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